These Are 10 More Things You Should Be Buying at Costco

These are 10 more things you should be buying at Costco this month. Welcome back to the channel. I’m The YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I’m gonna bring you inside my local Costco and expose the top tech bargains, including Bose soundbars, Samsung tablets and laptops.

Watch me buy and try a $10 umbrella that opens and then closes automatically. I’ll hunt down fall decor on a dime. And if you are looking for Oktoberfest food offerings, I’ve got you covered. This video is not sponsored in any way. If you like this content, please feel free to give this video a thumbs-up. It helps with my slowly maturing self-esteem. The first thing you should be buying at Costco this month is a duo of air fryers, and the second one is essentially a multi-cooker which I’ll get to in a moment.

The six-quart air fryer you see right here is 49.99.

It’s from Gourmia. It’s six quarts, well-made. The one I tested from Aldi in my video upload earlier this week was a three-quart compared to this one. This 12-quart air fryer pro is a seven-in-one for 99 bucks.

It’s $50 more, has a front-loading rotisserie option. It’s also a dehydrator, a broiler, a roaster. It obviously reheats in addition to baking and being just an all-around awesome 12-quart air fryer. This comes with many accessories, including the trays. It’s great for any serious or more experienced air-frying chef.

I was both intrigued and puzzled by this next product. It’s a 12-pack of color-changing cups for 11.99, less than a buck a cup. As a parent, I figured this was great for kids. Once you pour a cold liquid into the cup, it changes colors. I bought it home on the premise we could motivate my three-year-old to drink and consume more liquid. The set includes blue, orange, red, and a transparent offering. I tried it out, I put ice in the cup, and they do change colors. But I was confused by the transparent one.

The clear cup doesn’t really change colors at all.

So my question to you guys: Am I missing something? Why would you have a color-changing transparent cup? It’s already sparkly. It doesn’t do anything. What am I doing wrong? Please leave me a comment as this product made me sad.

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For happier times, this eight-piece electric wine opener kit is 30 bucks, the Rabbit brand, which is a top manufacturer. It comes with an opener, an aerator/pourer, a preserver, two-stoppers, a foil cutter, a drip collar, and the charging base, just a top electric wine opener on its own. It’s around 30 bucks, this. You get all the other accessories. The mortar and pestle that you see right here for 16.99, another great Costco find this month. It’s ideal for guac, dry rubs, making your own pesto, very high quality, heavy-duty, hardcore.

And the salad spinner that you see right here for $19.97 is not necessarily a new product, but it does drift in and out of stock. So it is back in stock and top-rated. In the number two spot of what you should be buying at Costco this month: back-to-school tech or just otherwise awesome home tech beginning with the 15.6-inch LG Gram Laptop you see right here. It’s $800 which takes into account a $200 discount, 16 gigs of RAM, 512-gig solid state drive, and a solid i5 processor.

The 17-inch LG Gram Laptop that you see right here for 1,249 takes into account a $250 discount. This one is fully loaded with an i7 Intel processor, 16 gigs of RAM as well, and a 512-gig solid state drive. If you’re in the market for a soundbar, this one from Bose includes the wall mount and a really nice high-end-looking remote. It’s $180, but I am gonna put this price into perspective with a comparison in a moment. Costco is selling this brand new for 179.99.

Just to put that price into perspective, Amazon is also selling it for 179.99 except the model Amazon is featuring is renewed. So the one that I’m showing you, brand new, same price, better bet at Costco. On the tablet front and beautifully timed with back to school, you can score the Samsung S6 Lite Tablet with a cover and a pen for 379.99. To put the $380 price into perspective at Costco, Amazon has the exact same offering, also including the cover and the pen, except it’s a little bit more expensive on Amazon, and you could wait up to a month to have this delivered to you based on the Prime shipping speeds and just how highly in demand this is.

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The 10.4-inch Samsung A7 Tablet with a 64-gig memory card is 189 at Costco and 240 bucks for the exact same thing on Amazon. And the least expensive of the Samsung tablets on sale right now at Costco is the A7 Lite Tablet with a cover for 169.99. To give context to the $169 price with the cover at Costco, the same tablet without the cover is 159 at Best Buy. So you definitely have the advantage, assuming you want the much more expensive cover included with the A7 Lite Tablet and buying it for $10 more at Costco.

In the number three spot of what you should be buying at Costco this month: a hunting case for 38.99 just in time for hunting season, really high-quality camel print on the case, multiple pockets, high-end straps. My father-in-law is an avid deer hunter, and my three-year-old has been exposed to deer meat to the point where we’ll be at a family diner, or, really, anywhere with a served food, and my daughter will demand deer meat from the restaurant for just a regular family dinner.

It’s always awkward and slightly embarrassing, but she does have adult taste buds. The Stealth Camera you see right here for 99.99, a nice HD trail camera kit, attaches to trees, hopefully does what you need it to do for under 100 bucks. The auto-umbrella you see right here for 9.99 is something I was so intrigued by conceptually that I bought it and brought it home. We all know umbrellas can open on their own, but they don’t typically close automatically. So to my knowledge, there’s no batteries, nothing required for what I bought. It seems to work with pneumatics, or it’s mechanical. Either way, it will open on its own.

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And then if you want it to close down on its own, all you have to do is press a button. The only downside is you do need to click it back into its base, but it’s an ingenious concept for 9.99. I wish all umbrellas would close on their own just like this one does. In the number four spot of what you should be buying at Costco this month: Oktoberfest food offerings. Let’s begin with the pork schnitzel, $5.69 per pound. I love this braised mushroom sauce, that breaded schnitzel awesomeness, microwavable, ready in minutes.

Actually, now that I’ve realized, this is the only October food fest I’m including. There’s a beer thing which I’ll get to in a moment, but I got carried away, so let’s go talk about seafood. The seafood salad you see right here, $12.99. I am a big fan of seafood. This is legit like someone just dipped a bucket into the ocean and pulled up whatever they could grab with it. Now that I think about it, that sounds very unappetizing. But if you do like little squids, octopus, and what you can see in that robust tub, $12.99 going a long way for you.

The Extra Jumbo Pitted Kalamata Olives, $6.79, extra awesome, extra jumbo, and I will get to some great dessert offerings, some of which I consumed in my car in a few moments. In the number five spot of what you should be buying at Costco this month: ping pong. I don’t think I’ve ever made a consumer recommendation, just look at a camera and said ping pong. But the $299 ping pong table you see right here is actually a very good price when I show you what the same thing sells for elsewhere.

You do need to be passionate about ping pong or keeping your kids entertained inside for the fall or winter and exposing them to ping pong for you to spend $300 on a high-quality ping pong table. But this does include two rackets, six balls, the net, and a storage system, 299.97.