In 2021, Here Are Ten Things you Should buy at Five Below.

This year, 2021, here are the ten things you should buy at Five Below. I’m not sure why I chose 2021 as my year. Not only is this plainly not the finest year ever, but it’s also New Year’s Eve, and I don’t get out often. Greetings, and welcome back to the channel.

Matt Granite here, The YouTube Deal Guy. I’m going to take you inside my local Five Below to show you some shockingly amazing house purchases as proof that I did get out at least once this week. And if you stick around until the conclusion of the film, I’ll show you what I bought with my own money.

In 2021, Here Are Ten Things you Should buy at Five Below.

If you’ve never been to a Five Below, it’s like a cleaner version of the Dollar Tree, with Big Lots, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and a few Sharper Image-type items at prices that are better than Target. But, in any case, the first set of things you should get at Five are as follows: Fitness items are listed below, and before you listen to someone with a huge man’s head tied to a young body that clearly never goes to the gym, know that I’m married to someone who does.

And it’s amazing what you can get for $5 at Five Below, from yoga mats to weights. And everything in between, from resistance band sets to $5 weights, to those balls that anyone can sit on and supposedly help with posture if you bring them to work. Well, January and February are two of the finest months in the country for fitness-related discounts.

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By March, those agreements have vanished from the face of the Earth. You’ll discover fantastic year-round prices and specials at Five Below if your New Year’s resolve fulfillment is a little bit delayed, I’m going to work on mine in March of 2025 most likely. Anything with the term LED in it is number two on the list of items you should buy at Five Below.

Let’s start with LED curtain lights, such as these $5 LED curtain lights for a foot-five. You can achieve the LED awesomeness that I accomplished in my home at a fraction of the cost whether you’re seeking for TV LED lights, sound-activated LED lights, or ways to do most of what I did in my home with these Govee lights that I showcased in a previous video. A dollar goes a long way. The only drawback is that none of these $5 LED light creations can be controlled through smartphone. You also get the remote control, which is similar to other lighting kits that cost two or three times as much.

These are fantastic for teenagers. I also purchased the LED light soap dispenser, which is ideal for encouraging my two-year-old to wash her hands.

It’s also a lot of enjoyable. Home decor is number three on our list of things to buy at Five Below, and you won’t believe some of these deals. A Five Below resembles a Dollar Store on steroids. Five Below has some extremely nice throw blankets, succulents, plants, and whatever else you can think of. By the way, before I get into gadgets and technology, please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.

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That helps with both my self-esteem and the YouTube algorithm. Diffusers are a great buy at Five Below, where they are ranked fourth. You’ll undoubtedly see some higher-end diffusers with LED Bluetooth capabilities at Five Below. However, during the hotter months, when many people are trying to stock up on diffusers, you’ll discover a superb selection at a fraction of the price you’d pay at another major retailer.

Small gadgets come in at number five. And a handful of my faves that I’m about to show you are currently on sale at Five Below. Let us examine the Sunrise Alarm Clocks. When it comes to this functionality, this brand has a great reputation. And some of the Bluetooth speakers from Five Below are unexpectedly good buys. That seems strange, largely because I’m talking about Bluetooth speakers. Whatever your small gadget of choice is, excellent stocking stuffer, modest birthday presents, or just methods to really spice up your Valentine’s Day, that sounds funny. But, in any case, you’ll undoubtedly find what you’re looking for in this category at Five Below.

In a few moments, I’ll put an end to the discussion over headphones and charging wires when it comes to Five Below. Party supplies, on the other hand, are ranked sixth. And I know that many of you are huge Dollar Tree fans right now, and you’re saying to yourself, “Why would I go to Five Below when I can buy wonderful party materials at the Dollar Tree, and how does this differ?” So here’s what I came up with. If you need party supplies, I always recommend going to the Dollar Tree because it is much less expensive.

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However, I discovered that, while the things are on average $3 rather than $1, there is a considerably larger selection of decorations at Five Below. So, for parties, you’ll discover a wider selection of inflatables, headbands for New Year’s or bachelorette parties, sashes, and silly string.

At Five Below, the selection is unquestionably better. You might be able to have the best of both worlds if you shift between your Dollar Tree and Five Below. Before I get into toys, let’s talk about beauty and haircare, which comes in at number seven on my list of what you should buy at Five Below.

And I’d like to thank my wife for putting some of these goods to the test. I can personally attest to the fact that the Wet n Wild beauty products galore are a fraction of the price if you look for them at Five Below.

But for nail clippers, beauty tools, bobby pins, hair clips, hair brushes, and plenty of bows, which my two-year-old daughter loves, there’s a collection at Five Below that’s genuinely worthy of celebration.