5 Things You Should Be Buying at Dollar Tree Today

The first thing we should buy from the Dollar Tree in August: fall decorations. I know it’s not technically down yet, but early birds often get the best deals on Dollar Tree, which isn’t generally one of the shopping tactics I apply to other retailers. The fall decorations you’ll find this month match what you might see in the Hobby Lobby or even Home Fixtures at a lower price.

I bought a piece of pumpkin-shaped wall decor that said “Thank You and Blessings.” I think it’s great to put in the studio and it reminds me how lucky and blessed I am to have all of your subscribers. I really appreciate it. I also found some fun scarecrow options, outside steaks, as well as some nice outside and inside options, depending on your taste. I will tell you that dollar budgets go a long way. Take a look at this delicate glass vase. Now it’s best for fall flowers that have those delicate stems.

5 things you should buy from Dollar Tree today

There are also large square vases, which would be better for larger settings where you put stones or something fun at the bottom, or even marble balls. Or, since the box is made of plastic, it can also be used for a family popcorn night. In second place for what to buy at Dollar Tree in August, before I tested this cleaning product, was the Kids Backpack.

But I tackle this first topic with an asterisk. This backpack is specially designed for children. It’s fragile. In my opinion, these programs will fail for teenagers or even high school students. These are for preschoolers or children who want to carry their toys around the house. By no means this is an everyday backpack. They are fun. It’s a dollar, but probably more appealing to people who don’t shop for backpacks for kids.

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This tote bag, which I’ve also included as part of this Dollar Tree collection, contains some really cute patriotic elements and designs. Summer mood, said one country. I really like this bag and the drawstring bag is also great for sports, picnics, camping or something like that. Also worth a look and even more impressive in my opinion are some of the new food storage options with built-in dividers, as well as some twisted and sealed dipper cups, which we’ll get to in a moment. A new food storage option created by Rubbermaid.

It is BPA free. It’s unique this month because this recommendation, unlike some I’ve made in the past, has a built-in splitter. So it can double as a food storage box, as well as a bento lunch set. Also made of Rubbermaid, these Twisted and Seal Dipping Cups are great for transporting hummus, guacamole, gravy, your favorite potato chips, pastries and other snacks, even vegetables and gravy. Lots of different ways to make this work for you. Before I get to the next point, I want to thank the sponsor of today’s video, Harry. Harry’s is a personal care brand that offers a close and comfortable shave at an affordable $2 per pack.

They support Great Causes because they give 1% of their global sales to nonprofits that provide mental health care to people in need, such as LGBTQ people and our amazing youth, men and veterans. For a long time, I was a big fan of very sharp German blades. There’s a 100% money back guarantee, prices are as low as $2 per refill, and you can buy Harry’s with or without a subscription.

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Shaver packages delivered straight to your door. In my case, I found my wife was at least 90 times more likely to touch my face after I shaved with Harry’s knife. Redeem your trial set for just $3, when you go to harrys.com/thedealguy or click this link in the video description box. Your trial kit includes a five-blade razor, heavy-duty handle, blade cover, and foaming shaving gel.

Very cool deal, but act fast when supplies run out. And again, thanks to Harry for sponsoring this part of the video. In third place is what you should buy in August at the Dollar Tree. Some of the most beautiful calendars I’ve ever seen for just a dollar are sure to fly off the store shelves every time more people watch this video or head to their local dollar tree. A desk calendar, a hanging calendar, or some traditional calendars with pictures.

There’s an inspiring calendar, featuring different landmarks and even a children’s calendar for Peppa The Pig, Sesame Street, and Transformers. A great way to give your child a better understanding of assignments, homework or planning. I know for most of us we have calendars on our smartphones, but there’s something nice about having them. These are visuals.

You can write on it. Great for meal planning for back to school, so many different ways this dollar would go a long way, in my opinion. Another addition to our third place is this cute wool scarf. Great for both men and women under the coat. Plus an infinity scarf. If you don’t know what an infinity scarf is, 4:54 a.m. and have recently learned this, this is a circle scarf I don’t really have an end to.

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