Make Meal Times for the Whole Family

the whole family

Make Meal Times for the Whole Family – One of my favourite times of the day is when we get together as a family and eat our evening meal together. We can’t do this every day due to our work schedules, but we try to do this as often as …

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Make Weaning Fun for the Ultimate Results

make meal time fun times

One of the biggest, most important stages with your baby is the weaning stage when they begin to eat food puree. This is a very important stage that can shape how they eat food going forward, and more importantly what they eat. It is very important for both parents to …

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Less “You” and More “Mum”

Less “You” and More “Mum”

Ever since I started having children almost 6 years ago, pieces of me have been lost and replaced by new pieces. For instance, my desire to blast music in my headphones and dance every night has been replaced by my desire to sleep. My desire to sleep in late has …

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Sleep Pattern the Success to Peaceful Nights

Sleep Pattern

Sleep can be very hard to come by in a home where you have a newborn baby. If you are struggling to get your baby to sleep, then you will also struggle to get sleep and life can seem very tough. From an early age, it is very important to …

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Top Tips for Dads to Bond with Their New Born Baby

tips for dads

New mums have been bonding with their newborn child for the past nine months during pregnancy. However, for dads they have to start when the child is born. This can be difficult and some men feel they are at a disadvantage because of this. However, by taking a big interest …

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Turn Adult Time into Family Time

family time

When you have kids, your life will change dramatically. One of the biggest changes in your life will be your social life, something that changes very quickly. Prior to having our son, me and my wife used to spend an hour or two on a Saturday or Sunday at one …

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A Rainy Day in with the Kids

rainy day

A rainy day can really put a damper on things (get it … “Damper”?). But in all seriousness, for most kids (and outdoorsy types,) rain can ruin their entire day. I have had to make a conscious effort to make sure I take my children out of doors on a …

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Use Sporting Activities to Help with Learning


Many parents and children think that playing sport outside during the summer is a fun activity. Of course, they are right it is, but with a couple of small tricks, as well as having fun with your children, you can also help them learn through the summer break. Combining sporting …

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Support Your Child through Their First School Days

Support Your Child

Something that parents often forget is how daunting the first few days at school can be. This is something that can affect children in many different ways, but ultimately a lot of children find it tough to deal with. They have a brand new environment to deal with, a huge …

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