Use Sporting Activities to Help with Learning

Many parents and children think that playing sport outside during the summer is a fun activity. Of course, they are right it is, but with a couple of small tricks, as well as having fun with your children, you can also help them learn through the summer break.

Combining sporting activities with learning is very easy to do, and it is so simple to add that your child won’t even realise they are learning valuable key skills while playing sport. Every sport you play has a way of keeping the score, and this is where you can enhance your child’s ability to count, add numbers, subtract numbers and many other things.

Use Sporting Activities to Help with Learning

For those with younger children, playing sport is an ideal place to get them learning numbers. When you play, make sure you keep the score, not to see who wins but just so that numbers are being spoken about regularly, and get your child to keep adding up the score.

If your children are older you can add more complicated methods into the score, you can ask them to add together the scores, subtract the two numbers to see how far ahead one players is, there are many tricks. Each one can be changed to make it useful for your child, depending how old they are and where they are with their numbers at the time you play.

Getting a child to sit down during the summer and practice their numbers can be very difficult, often they just want to play and make the most of the great summer weather. However, if you can ask them question and get them working out simple sums while they are playing then you are more likely to have their attention and get them interacting with you.

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They will find themselves counting, adding up and subtracting all without realising, because they are already having too much fun playing the sports game you have going on. With the summer in full swing, getting your child to improve their learning skills can be tough, because there are many more exciting things to do, all better than sitting down and learning. This is why you have to implement the learning tricks into other activities, with sport being the best and easiest one to get right.

Next time you are struggling with your child and you cannot get them to learn, try and take a time out and head to the local park or beach to play some sport. While they are in the game and enjoying themselves, try to get them to add up the score, tell you the score, or do some subtraction, whatever stage they are at with their development at the time.

This is a great way to get them learning, and to make it fun for them. They will be that interested in the sport they are playing that it is likely they won’t even realise that actually they are having a maths lesson from home.