Turn Adult Time into Family Time

When you have kids, your life will change dramatically. One of the biggest changes in your life will be your social life, something that changes very quickly. Prior to having our son, me and my wife used to spend an hour or two on a Saturday or Sunday at one of the local bars, having a few drinks and a meal. With our son to care for we can no longer do this, but turning adult time into family time can be a great way to experience new things as a family.
For me, the trick here is to keep your social life and still go out, but change the places you go. Make sure you find some child friendly places in your local area, and head to these instead of going to your usual bars and restaurants.

Coffee Shops Offer Child Friendly Alternative

Something we started to do as a family was visit the local coffee house. Kids will be fine in here, and older children will be able to pick something off the menu. Coffee shops have changed a lot in recent years and they offer much more than just coffee, as well as offering something for kids. From a glass of milk, to a hot chocolate or in summer one of the many fruit smoothie drinks they offer, you will be able to find something your children will love.
Heading to your local coffee shop still gives you the chance to get out regularly, but it offers you the chance to do that, while remaining in a child friendly environment. As your children get older, they will love a trip to the coffee shop, and you will still get to head out for a drink as a social activity.

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Child Friendly Bars and Restaurants are Everywhere!

Something you don’t really notice until you have children of your own, is how much some bars and restaurants do to make their place a child friendly place to visit. I have seen everything in my time, from children’s play areas in bars, to small TV’s showing children’s cartoons in restaurants.

If your local and regular restaurant doesn’t offer much for kids, then choose somewhere else to go. Just because a restaurant has a children’s play area, it doesn’t mean to food will be no good! Restaurants are doing all they can to stand out from the crowd, and adding children’s facilities to them is one way to ensure more people visit.
Another thing to check out is the kids menu available. You have more than just you two to consider now, make sure the kids menu on offer has plenty of choice and has your child’s favourite dishes on, just like you would when looking at your own menu.

You don’t have to stop going out when you have kids, you just need to choose your places in a different way. Look out for child friendly places and try them out, you never know, you may find yourself a new favourite restaurant that all the family will love!