5 Things You Should Be Buying at Aldi in this Month

The first thing you should be buying at Aldi this August are these solar insect torch lights. They’ve got a beautiful LED flame effect, and I brought them home to the tune of 29.99. Now, these stakes go into your backyard, or you could use them with a stand and prop it up on a table. It’s lightweight.

I love the cool flame effect, but more importantly, the reason you don’t see too many bugs in the vicinity where I’m shooting right now is these have been very effective at killing bugs upon contact. They’re weatherproof. They last for six hours on every charge, I was very happy to see them. The solar mosaic design garden stake that you see right here, has some great patriotic colors, disco colors, and more, $6.99.

I love the whole mosaic tiling look and they look significantly more expensive than what I paid for $7. Now take a look at these solar LED path lights. Before I move on to my next point, $3.99 is what they come out to. I decided I’d pick up two to test them out modern, incredible design. I love the way that they’re not only classy, but they illuminate the path below solid, and these would be significantly more expensive anywhere else.

In the number two spot of what you should be buying at Aldi this month. Something I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before, an air fryer for $34.99. This one is compact, but the price is unbelievable. It’s ideal for possibly two people. I set this up in my basement to assist with my mid day snacking needs while I’m filming in the studio. And I figured for the purposes of this demonstration, I’d go pick up those fries that are nearly identical to the one sold at McDonald’s. But those are nowhere to be found anywhere. By the way guys, if you have seen those McDonald’s look alike fries at Aldi, please leave me a comment.

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I was very perturbed, but more importantly, I did find the steak cut fries. I bought them, put them into the air fryer. I cooked the steak fries using no oil. And then six minutes later, (alarm dings) the fries were cooked to perfection, that crisp that you can usually only find from an air fryer. In the number three spot of what you should be buying at Aldi this month, before I tackle some incredible food items, pillows. I don’t believe I’ve ever recommended a pillow this large from Aldi. It’s 20-by-28, it’s $5.89. This is designed as a sleeping pillow.

It wasn’t particularly from in my touch test so I don’t know if I would recommend this as a primary sleeping pillow, but for guest rooms, particularly if you don’t love the guest sleeping over, this would be great. But as a decorative grab at $5.89, I was impressed. At $7.99 for this royal plush throw, I was very impressed. You get many different color varieties, it was plush. And I was surprised that you could find something that looks like this for 8 bucks. Of course, at Aldi.

The portable lap workstation you see right here, which has a document clip and an internal storage for 29.99 looked even more premium than some of the nearly identical competing products sold at OfficeMax in some of the warehouse clubs. In the number four spot, prepare for hunger. And if you guys shop frequently at Aldi, you’ll know they celebrate different food cultures every month.

And the Asian food month available this August, includes ramen in full kits, which have both the protein and the veggies all ready to go with the noodles. I personally wouldn’t spend the 3.99 if I was just going to make ramen, but this is more reflective of what you would find in a higher end restaurant for ramen or pho because it’s not just instant noodles in a pack. It is elevated to include more. The sweet ginger sesame or a teriyaki skillet meals, perhaps a better bang for your buck at $4.99. The stir fry Szechuan varieties at 2.99, coming in strong at that price. If you like edamame, you could find it steamed or shelled this month for a buck 89.

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The pork or chicken potstickers, which are delicious $3.99. The crab rangoons with that delicious cream cheese filling that no one thought would ever work, but it really does, $2.49. The steamed chicken dumplings, $2.75. And something I’ve never seen before, but it looks surprisingly good, frozen sushi. $5.89 which includes a spicy crab or shrimp tempura selections. That might be something to consider. In the number five spot, there I go awkwardly high-fiving myself again, kind of feels like college. The 9-foot outdoor market umbrella you see right here for 39.99 is a tremendous find given the price and this time of season.

Typically, this is what we would see closer to Labor Day, but if you are looking for more bargains to help you beat the heat, I’ll get to that in a moment. This tri-planter with tray available in white or gray, $9.99. It has this ceramic like looking texture, but it is heavy. It’s ideal, more for indoor use than outdoor, but you could work at either way. This 4-step aluminum ladder as the DIY season almost comes to a close, a considerably good grab, might be worth having later down the line for hanging Christmas lights. This 4-in-1 airbed, I know I featured airbeds in the past at Aldi, but this is 29.99. And it can be used as a double bed or as two single beds.

So because of its versatility, and as we head back to school and host in-laws and other things going on in our home, at least in mind, this might be worth considering. The foldable workbench at 19.99, folds flat, easy to store, and a compact design. In the number six spot, some of the most aggressive fan deals I’ve ever seen sold at any retailer,

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