The Hospital Essentials for Dad

When searching the internet, you will find lots of information for a mum to be. However, dads looking for information will quickly notice that the same information is not available. When it comes to the trip to the hospital to see the birth of your child, what does a dad need to know?

Take a Bag!

I am sure your partner will have packed and unpacked her hospital bag many times recently, but do you have your own bag ready? This is something that dads often forget, they focus their attention on looking after their wife’s needs, but forget about themselves. Here is a quick hospital bag checklist for dads:

– Loose change to pay for car park, drinks, snacks if you can leave the room.
– Phone charger, preferably one for both of you if possible, you need to contact your family when you receive the great news!
– Entertainment – you may be sat in the hospital for a long time, take a book, a tablet or anything else that will help time pass by.
– Food and Drink – again you may be in hospital a long time, and the shop isn’t always open, take something you can quickly have if needed.
– Something to freshen up – grab a quick five minutes and freshen up if you can, it is amazing how much better you will feel!

Stay calm and listen to the experts!

As much as you have your partner’s best interests at heart, you must remember that the hospital nurses also do. This is a something they see every day, so they won’t be as excited as you, but don’t think that means they don’t care. They take pride in their work and they want every single labour to go as well as it possibly can.

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Listen to what they say to you and your partner, and follow their instructions. These are the experts and no matter how much you think you know, you don’t know as much as what they do!

Enjoy the moment!

This is a huge moment in your life, especially if this is your first child. Something a lot of people forget is to enjoy it! Of course, you will be nervous and worried about what is about to happen, but it is still possible to enjoy the moment. You are about to become a great dad, cherish that feeling and never forget it!

Shortly after the birth, you will get to have your first moment together as a family. This is the most special moment in the world, and makes everything worthwhile. Make sure you enjoy this moment together, the three (or more!) of you. You are about to head out on a long journey, with many great memories along the way and this will be the first of many.

Being a dad is the greatest feeling in the world! It all starts in the hospital, so make sure you head there fully prepared for the experience, and most of all, enjoy it!